Olesay | Asociación de Fisiología Aplicada, AFA
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Asociación de Fisiología Aplicada, AFA

Research Intern

University of Alcalá, Biology Department

Alcalá de Henares


  Our Society is getting older, thus there is an increase in the chronical diseases associated to the aging: Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Renal Disease, Sarcopenia… To promote a healthy aging it is necessary to translate the knowledge obtained through the basic research to clinical applications to treat these diseases. This new paradigm constitutes the base of the Translational Research.


  AFA is constituted by Professors, Ph.D. Researchers and M.D. that work in the laboratories of the Department of Systems Biology of UAH, in the Foundation for the Biomedical Research from Principe de Asturias Hospital and the National Network for Renal Research (RedInRen) Biobank.


  The pursued targets in this educational cooperative agreement are:

* To introduce the operating procedures in a biomedical research lab.

* To practice with different molecular and cellular biology methodologies related with basic research fields.

* To get an approach to the process of integration of the basic experimental knowledge with the different pathological situations.

* To recognize the physiopathological base of the aging related diseases.