Olesay | Cruz Roja Centro de Dí­a Infantil Villa de Vallecas
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Cruz Roja Centro de Dí­a Infantil Villa de Vallecas

Camp Counselor




-Collection from school: the center organize the collection of the children from school. Thereby, a quadrant of collection is organized and the team of volunteers accompanies the children to the Centro.
-Afternoon snack: The children are given afternoon snack as they arrive from school.
-Personal hygiene: The children have the opportunity to learn the dental hygiene routine and the daily hand washing, thereby enhancing educational standards of personal hygiene.
-School support will take place from Monday to Thursday with the aim to support the participants with homework assistance and also to provide them support in those areas where they are facing greatest difficulties.
-Reading activities: An activity aiming to encourage reading will take place weekly as complementary activity to the school support.
-Alternative sports activities: With the aim of promoting attitudes of participation, cooperation and team player spirit through sports, activities will take place in sports facilities or green areas, thus promoting knowledge of the parks in each of the districts.
-Psychomotricity: The group of children of 3 to 5 years old will carry out activities to develop their psychomotor functions. The activities will be adapted to the group and the individual needs of each child.
-Daily mentoring of the activities.

The day-care center is a place where children are receiving care and assistance after the end of the school day. This program aims to support the conciliation between work and family life, and to avoid risk factors that prolonged absence of parents / mothers and guardians can lead to minors; Also encouraging the development of social skills, the acquisition of values, norms, limits and mutual respect.