Olesay | IMDEA Food Institute – Research Intern
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IMDEA Food Institute – Research Intern

Research Intern

Public Research Institute



Analysis project lipid metabolism genes in tumor progression: Get familiar with basic biochemistry and molecular biology, cell culture and data.
Analysis of cultured cell lines colon techniques in turn will be transfected with different expression vectors of lipid metabolism enzymes and / or microRNAs related.

Obtention of these tumor cell extracts for the extraction and quantitation of RNA and protein for subsequent gene expression analysis by qRT-PCR and lines the expression of proteins of interest by Western blotting.

Use of these cell lines, both wild and genetically modified in the laboratory for immunofluorescence assays where the subcellular localization of proteins of interest in tumor progression is displayed by microscopy techniques fluorescencia. Analisis metabolic activity of these cell lines.


Within the context of high rates of morbidity in chronic diseases in which food is a key factor in both their onset and progression, combined with a food industry sector in Spain presenting obvious shortcomings of innovation in a world of strong international competitiveness, society needs the results of food R.