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InFiQuS Sustainable Physical-Chemical Innovation Limited

Research Intern




Internship tasks will be related to applications in food. Student training will consist in the purification and characterization of chitosan and evaluation as it prevents lipid oxidation in meat. During this training, it is intended that students learn to apply theoretical and practical knowledge to professional practice.

The objective is further help the student to acquire autonomy, capacity for teamwork, time management, creativity and skill in oral and written communication.


A spin-off company created within the Complutense University of Madrid UCM and made up of professionals from the areas of Chemistry, Biology and Pharmacy. This group carries out research to obtain potentially high-value by-products to develop functional ingredients aimed at applications in food, pharmacy and cosmetics. The raw materials usually employed are waste industrial products from shellfish farms, breweries, oil mills and agro-industries. Chitin and chitosan are natural biopolymers obtains.