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Marketing Agency

Marketing Intern

Alcalá de Henares


  • Digital tools: in order to get the higher productivity from the team members, use of digital tools in the day to day, whether for internal use or interaction with external (suppliers, customers). Tools: ERP, CRM, Dropbox, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Branding: Management of the company’s professional brand and online reputation. Analysis and optimization of the Internet presence of the people involved, the company and/or the project. Creation of a company style book.
  • Contents: creation of relevant digital contents, whether in post format, images, photos or videos, for the implementation of the digital strategy. Definition of the type of content, tone, messages and keywords needed to attract the prospect and apply SEO or SEM strategies.
  • Inbound marketing, both corporate and per business unit, to capture, attract and retain customers in a non-intrusive way, through the combination of several actions such as e-commerce, digital marketing and social networks, with the aim that the User is attracted by the products and services to get to establish in that moment the contact forever.
  • Competition: analysis of the competition in the digital and offline field in three points: products / services, company and human resources. And analysis of competitive digital marketing strategies. Contribution of information for the possible modification of the overall strategy.
  • Social networks: management and execution of action plans and scorecards of the social media strategy of the company or project.
  • Budget : control of the initial investment, of the implementation of the global strategy and of the following budgets in case it is necessary to invest in advertising campaigns, SEO, SEM, tools, etc.
  • To research new markets and growing market segments, in order to optimize the results and thus be able to modify the strategy.
  • Analysis: reports of the main indicators (KPI) keys of the performance of all The marketing department, which encompasses all of the above points.